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Actifry 2 in 1

A review of the new Actifry 2 in 1

  1. Steve

    I recently bought an Actifry 2 in 1 and though it might be helpful to share my views on it.

    We have used an Actifry for years. It is a way to cook things like oven chips with no oven pre heating and with no cooking oil needed. The Actifry uses hot air to cook food and it normally replaces the messy smelly unhealthy and ugly deep fat fryer.

    With a young Grandson being able to prepare his nuggets and chips in 15-20 minutes in this way has been a blessing.

    Now though I have gone out and bought the newer larger Actifry 2 in 1. This does what the old model I had does. It holds more though, and has a better timer system.

    The main change is the 2 in 1 aspect. It now has a tray that fixes inside the machine above the bowl that normally holds items like chips.

    I have tried a number of foods in the tray. Reheating ready cooked chicken drumsticks and wings was a good use for it. I gave them 8 minutes and was very pleased with the results.

    I've also tried sausages, and that was OK but I was less convinced as of course that created spatters of fat inside the machine. I also tried the sausages with chips in the lower bowl. That was a disappointment to be honest. The chips were not well cooked and my hope/expectation that the lower bowl would continue to be blasted with hot air while the top tray was in place seemed to not be the case.

    I have since tried making sure the chips in the bowl are cooked before starting the food in the tray cooking. I hoped this would just keep the chips hot and ready to go. Sadly the cooking in the top tray probably released some moisture as the chips in the bottom were not as crispy as normal.

    Last night I cut a Bramley apple into segments and added a little sugar and butter and placed it in the tray section for 8 minutes and then had some nice baked apple type segments. One day this week for dinner I put some pieces of Salmon in the tray and some veg in the bowel and it worked out very well.

    So, to sum up. This is a neat piece of kit and I am sure I will make a lot of use of it. I do have some doubts about whether this is an ideal design when it comes to cooking chips in the bottom and something like chicken in the top.

    If you get one please do say what you find, and please do explain anything you do to get good results from yours.

    I got mine at Costco. I considered John Lewis and Argos, both of whom seem to be selling them at a rather high £229.95 as I type this.

    I see they have them on Amazon.co.uk along with lots of reviews. That info is all HERE. Their price as I type this seems to be £202.