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AudioMX Bluetooth 4.0 Over-Ear Headphones

Built-In Microphone, 20-Hour Playing time

  1. Steve
    AudioMX Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Over-Ear Headphones

    I was recently given a set of these headphones as a present, and I thought it might help others if I shared my views on them.

    The headphones were purchases from Amazon, and the Amazon UK info about them is HERE.

    As I type this, they are priced at £45.99 - which seems pretty reasonable to me. It also includes free delivery.

    The headphones are supplied with a drawstring storage bag that seems quite neat. It can also hold the two leads that are provided. One will charge the headphones if connected to a USB port. The other can be plugged into the headphones and into an audio port, in my case I sometimes use it with my PC. Using it that way turns these into a normal set of headphones you control from the PC. I've found that very useful.

    The other way of connecting these headphones is via Bluetooth. I've used them a great deal to listen to music from my iPhone, and I find them very good for that.

    I've also used them when watching TV late at night, as sometimes when watching a film or whatever I want the sound fairly high but I don't want to disturb anyone. So far I have been doing that via my Apple TV box. Amongst other things I use the Apple TV to view things on services like Netflix or NowTV. I can set the Apple TV to send its sound to the headphones via Bluetooth and it all works great.

    This is the third set of Bluetooth headphones I have acquired. The first is a Motorolla set of in ear phones they sent out to owners of their phones some years back. They work fine but I do not find them very comfortable as they have a hard bar that goes at the back of the neck. The second pair is a sports pair that are very small and in ear. They work and do not hurt. I do find them a little too fidely and with them a slightly annoying wire crosses the back of my neck.

    Out of the three sets I much prefer the AudioMX ones I am discussing now. They seem to produce great sound and because they are over ear they feel more comfortable than some alternatives, and the sound seems easier to hear. They are said to have a 20 hour playing time without a recharge. That seems very good and I have yet to have them run them out on me in use.

    The controls are on the right hand earphone and they seem very simple to use. I have not tried the microphone mentioned as being built into them.

    If there is anything else I can tell you please just ask on the forums and I'll help if I can.