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Bakerstone Box

A pizza oven with a difference

  1. Steve
    Some Web site info on the Bakerstone Box can be found in these spots:

    UK agent site is HERE

    US Bakerstone site is HERE


    The Bakerstone box sits on top of your BBQ as you can probably gather from the image above. It takes the temperature you cook pizza at up to very high numbers because of the stone lining of the box.

    I've tried one pizza day so far and I have another coming up. These are all good practice for the DigiKeep meet where I hope to use this system to offer each member attending a freshly made stone baked pizza.

    I had not heard of the Bakerstone Box concept until I spotted it in the Mail on Sunday on April the 24th. They did a comparison of various ways to cook pizza and I rather liked the concepts that seemed to be behind this one.

    I can't be certain but it appears to me that this may have started life as a Kickstarter project. At present info on that seems to be HERE.

    I've seen these in a number of retail outlets. There seems to also perhaps be a smaller version, I got the 14 inch one.

    I bought mine from House of Frazer and at present it seems to be £99.99 there, including free delivery.

    If you get one of these do of course study all the instructions and warnings about working with something so hot. Also note that it has to be put together by you.

    I certainly had fun with mine on my first pizza day and I am very much looking forward to the next go with it. I bought various kinds of bases and doughs and flours and so on. I'm also learning about and experimenting with toppings. Once I was sure I liked using this I went on to invest in some nice tools to use with it, like a wooden thing called a pizza peel for passing the pizza into the oven.

    I have a number of items for use with it now and those who attend the DigiKeep BBQ day this year should see it all in action, and taste the results with your very own freshly made pizza.

    If you use one of these or use some type of alternative or whatever please do start a discussion on this on DigiKeep if you wish.

    My next step is making my own pizza dough, and I have my ingredients gathered together and some helpful folks planning to assist me, so I can't wait.