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Dunmore Shooting Centre Meet 1980s

Member meet from the 1980's

  1. Steve
    This video shows a meet we held at Dunmore Shooting Centre nr Oxford. It has sadly since closed down due to new shooting laws in the UK banning hand guns.

    Those who attended can be seen shooting air rifles in a competition we held for members, and you may spot a small cup we bought to award to the best shot of the day. You'll also see the range where only hand guns were used as well as the air rifle range.

    Also the meeting rooms in the Granary complex there where folks such as Cliff Lawson from Amstrad are shown, and sadly but memorably our great member David Moore who died some years later in an air crash of a Rolls Royce owned Spitfire he was piloting at an air show.

    You may also spot a man from the CIX online system, and the back of Wendy Grossman, a journalist who attended and who wrote the CompuServe Magazine article on our Forums that can also be seen on this system in the online history area.

    The thumbnail shows left to right Chris Sawford, David Moore, and Cliff Lawson.

    You can probably tell we all had a great day at this get together, as we usually do.