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Very capable home phone setup

  1. Steve


    Why am I bothering to write about my new home phone system?

    Well I think others may have the same needs I had when I decided on this system.

    I really dislike cold callers attempting to sell me things, don't you? When they call over the over what can you do. You can use this phone system!

    If you get a call and want to pick it up if it is one of your children or a friend or relative but want to let it go to the answering machine if it is someone you don't know wanting to sell you something or whatever how can you do that. You can use this phone system!

    I always expect good value from items I buy. This system costs just over £100 with FOUR phones and charging stations included. Only one needs to plug into your phone line, the rest just need to plug into a power socket.

    This system is packed with clever abilities, I won't use quite a few of those myself, like SMS messaging. I have it turned off as I do not need that on my home phone. It has a colour screen on each phone, and backgrounds you can choose, and you can set phones to not ring at certain times or to only ring for certain callers, and all sorts of clever stuff is available.

    The two abilities I love most are the call blocking and the caller ID announcements.

    When a call is made to your home the phone rings with the tone you have selected from those available. As well as this between rings if it knows the name of the caller from their caller ID it will say it out loud. So you'll get ring ring Sue ring ring Sue sounding out. I love it to death, it is so neat to know who is calling without moving an inch.

    You can answer it or not as you wish. Not answered calls will go to the answer machine.

    If you do not answer and there is no message you may have one of the unpleasant cold selling outfits attempting to sell to you. I usually check the number in the call list on the phone with Google, and it will usually quickly show which gas company or magazine subscription firm or whatever is attempting to sell you something today.

    Once I know who the caller is who is calling me over and over and leaving no message I add them to the blocked list on this phone system, and from then on the phone never rings when they call again!

    They hear ringing, and then they hear a busy tone. That happens to them every single time they call...bliss :)

    To get the names of family and friends into the system you enter them into the shared phone directory on the phone system and this can be seen and used from any of the four phones.

    Is this my perfect phone system?

    No, they are not there yet. I have mentioned wanting these features in a well priced phone setup before and this seems great and I recommend it if bought at the same sort of price I paid. Many spots are charging much more for it.

    So why not perfect for me yet.. well I would like a few more things. One is for the phone to have WiFi and Bluetooth capability. This could lead to masses of new abilities, everything from copying your mobile phone contact list over by Bluetooth to controlling the TV and lights with the phone over WiFi.

    I suspect they will get there in the end.. for now I am very pleased with my new system and it is bliss not to have sales calls bothering us and to know exactly who is calling so I can make an easy decision on what to let go to the answerphone.

    I hope this helps a little. Any questions please just fire away.

    I bought mine at Curry's. Not my usual spot for such things as they have been too pricey in the past. In this case Curry's and John Lewis seemed to have the best prices when I made my purchase, while people like Amazon seemed to be listing these at a fair bit more.

    So, here is a link to them on Curry's to get you started: PANASONIC KX-TG8564EB

    This quad set was priced at £103.99 when I bought mine.