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Russell Hobbs Grind & Brew Coffee Machine

Bean to coffee machine with timer

  1. Steve
    I have always hankered after a bean to coffee machine. I've rejected all the silly pod systems with their costly pods and rank milk etc., and I was never willing to pay the cost of a good bean to coffee machine until now.

    This one was an advance gift for Fathers day, and cost just £69.99 from Aldi . There are still some left in our local store but they will probably sell out soon now. You can see they are around £30 more on the maker site and at spots like Amazon.

    The Russell Hobbs Web site seems to have info on it HERE.

    After many uses of this new machine I am very pleased with it. I've tried a couple of types of bean in it and they have both given equally good results.

    The hopper at the top of the machine holds plenty of beans and there is no filter to change as you can see on the maker's site. I am finding it very quick and simple to use and at this price I of course recommend it.

    It looks good and seems very simple to keep clean. I love the way it can be set to make coffee automatically at a time of your choosing, so waking up to the smell of fresh ground and brewed coffee each day seems to be on the cards. I haven't actually bothered to do that as pressing the button when I come down each day seems to work well for me.

    The machine can make what it describes as 2 to 10 cups at a time. The cups would be small ones. I am making 4 cups worth each time for me, and having a mug full straight away and putting one in a Starbucks flask that I can drink slowly over the next hour or two.

    If you get one of these please say what you think. If you have any questions for me re mine please just ask away on DigiKeep.