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Great prices

Discussion in 'DigiKeep Community' started by Steve, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Steve

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    London, UK
    I like to mention when I see good or bad deals about, it seems the sort of thing worth sharing with others here.

    I was a little surprised just how low the prices were when I went to Costco a few days back. The items I bought that most caught my eye were:

    Costco trainers. These are very high quality and I have worn these for years. The price on my visit a couple of days back, when I bought 2 pairs, was:

    £3.97 + VAT a pair!

    A photo to prove/show that amazing price....


    I also bought some nice cord trousers/jeans:

    £6.97 + VAT

    Also a case of Pepsi Max Cherry 24 x 500ml bottles:

    £7.49 + VAT

    Those prices seemed rather special to me, though they were not marked as special offers of any sort.

    I bought lots of other items at their normal very low prices, a few examples of those:

    Bottled water 40 bottle 40 x 500ml £2.69 + VAT
    Pepsi Max cherry 24 x 33ml cans £5.49 + VAT
    KitKat 4 finger bars x 24 £4.89 + VAT
    ...and so on.

    I do find that spots like Tesco and Sainsbury's often seem to have quite outrageous prices these days... while Costco seems to be going to the opposite extreme as you can see above.

    Hope this helps or interests others here...

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