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Recommended movie service

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Steve, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Steve

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    London, UK
    Hi all,

    I used Love Film for some years. They constantly sent me blu-ray disks of the latest movies for very little money. Sadly they were bought and then down the line closed by Amazon.

    I just wanted to pass on the good news that I am very happy with the replacement I switched to.

    I now use Cinema Paradiso - which can be found at www.cinemaparadiso.co.uk

    I am on their unlimited option and I've watched about 20 blu-rays in the last month. Buying the disks would be very expensive and pointless, as would streaming the films at over £5 or more a film via most services- but I can see as many movies as I want in very high quality using Cinema Paradiso.

    Also, they can supply films and TV series however you want - so I have setup to always get blu-rays at present. You can set your account for normal or 4K blu-rays if you want, or 3D ones, or for plain old DVDs if you want them.

    As well as that great system they also offer the option to add films that are currently at the cinema to your wanted list. I am finding that very useful.

    I can only very rarely be bothered to go to a cinema, particularly as my local one has only plain seating so it is much more comfortable to watch at home on a leather recliner.

    Being able to see what is at the cinema and add the movies you like the sound of to your Cinema Paradiso list in their app or online is so simple and when they are released on disc the system moves them to your current lists and you are sent them in due course. Their app will show you masses of discs available now, out soon, or currently on at the cinema and so on. They seem to have done a very good job designing it.

    So, I recommend this way of doing things. I get to see just about all the movies that come out that interest me, and it costs me peanuts compared to other ways of attempting to do that. I see them in a great quality format with superb picture and sound quality too.

    Hope this helps someone...

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  2. Walter

    Walter Community Supporter Meets Club Member

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    Reading, Berkshire, UK
    A good tip for those who rent movies.