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I hope everyone here is well and not directly affected by the two recent losers with bombs and cars murdering innocent men and women and children here in the UK. My condolences to all those who are personally affected.

Anyone anywhere can go and kill women and kids with cars and bombs and so on. Nobody normally does this in the UK because it would so obviously be a sign of being a complete idiot, and it could never achieve anything for anyone, could it.

Even crazier is claiming to murder and maim women and kids in the name of religion. As far as I know no religion anywhere backs such actions, all seem to think it sends the wrongdoer to 'hell' or their version of it, don't they? Running over kids sightseeing or blowing them up at a music event and saying it is in support of a religion is sheer madness I am sure we all agree.

I think we have to look at this as a global problem. Sadly, there are said to be over 500 suicide murders in the USA each year, and they generally seem to be about mental illness, not religion, not a cause, simply someone with mental problems unable to cope, and deciding to take other people with them when they die.

Here is a link to details on 142 US incidents of murder suicide, perhaps we should think ourselves lucky here in the UK?

Here is a page about how many...