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There is a lot going on at present isn't there.

In the USA we see Donald Trump chosen by the Republican Party as the best American they can find to run their country and represent the USA... enough said I think! These same folks bring you the Bush family and US gun laws.. you really couldn't make it up could you?

I'm not surprised to hear that British MP for South Ruislip and Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, born in New York USA, has now cancelled his US Citizenship.

Here in the UK as I type this Labour looks set to choose the same little crazy old man to not lead their party, Corbyn is his name... a crazed lefty who is awful at managing anything at all, well so I read. Of course they did put up another candidate against him, someone who it seems has with the same weird views and seemingly also little idea about anything....but a little younger. Labour MPs should form their own serious Labour Party and move forward as the unions/militants/far left seem to have taken over the asylum as far as Labour is concerned, don't they..?

Then we have the Conservatives. In power for some years now and with a majority in the House of Commons and lots of work to do. They have chosen a childless 59 year old woman to lead them. Traditionally women of that age are weeks away from retirement. Sadly Theresa May is also suffering from Diabetes it seems. All in all we are asking a lot of her. I wish her well, though so far she has been asking people what to do not telling them what to do as far as I can see, and that worries me a little.

I think I know how Boris planned to carry out Brexit and keep the UK and Northern Ireland together and so on but I think Theresa may have no actual plan at all... in which case we may be in for a very bumpy ride.

Sadly the media seem to keep on making up views for everyone. According to them Londoners like me like our new Mayor and wanted to stay in the EU without a better deal... not the case at all... and they...