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I have been very busy out capturing Pokémon Go characters this week!

Along with my Grandson Brayden, with me on an iPhone and him on an Android model, we have teamed up to roam the capital seeing how we can do at this very addictive game.

I wonder how many others here have had a go at it?

You simply make a free download of Pokémon Go from the Apple or Android app store, depending on your phone type, and away you go.

I can't write a lot more at present as I am off to battle a local gym. If that makes no sense to you try the game and it will.

It was quite an eye opener for me to get into this. I mentioned it in a room full of daughters and their boyfriends the other day and they all got out their phones and set the game running and compared their trainer levels and Pokémon etc. I had no idea how pervasive this game had become.

I got to talk to a number of fellow players yesterday as Brayden and I sought out good spots to capture the most desirable Pokémon characters. Sitting by the side of the Thames a lady in her 60's next to me started to tell me all she had captured sitting there. Looking around there were a good 20 of us of various ages playing in that spot alone.

One of the things the game has going for it is that it makes you get out and walk about. Myself and Brayden did over 20 miles this week.

If anyone here tries this or has any tales to tell please fire away.

All the best, Steve